Friday, March 6, 2009

Mid-day Eats

Hmmm...I think I will try to take pics and then do one big post each day of my food- it's getting tedious posting everytime I eat. I don't know how fab bloggers like Kaneil and Trina do it. are my mid-morning meal and my lunch. The first is a 1/2c of brown rice and kidney bean mixture. I mix the two for the texture and balancing nature of the combination.
And around 100 I had a 2c measure of last night's supper: chicken pineapple curry. Sorry about the disgusting food photography- I remember my new initiative to post pics of my food halfway into said food- so it's not pretty.
So what could possibly be left to eat after all this? Well, I have 1 c cottage cheese (1%), and about 6 oz organic carrots to eat around 330. This evenings supper is a mystery- what to serve 8 people at a spur of the moment Wii and Xbox party? Keeping it healthy, but still filling? Any ideas out there?

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