Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Flexitarian: a semi-vegetarian diet focusing on vegetarian food with occasional meat consumption (Wikipedia).
Also, see this Newsweek article.
I realized my first week on the 'Weekday Vegetarian" concept that I could not take it literally. I didn't feel like eating meat when Saturday came around, but on Wednesday I had a scallop spinach salad. Worry about when I was going to have my 'meat-meal' was similar to the damaging concept of having a 'treat meal'. Any meal plan that restricts me makes me batty; I have to have choice. I have to feel better for eating better, not like I 'have' to.
I love the way I feel, and the fact that my skin has totally cleared of any pimples and all eczema since reduced, dramatically, the amount of meat I eat.
Growing up in "I Love Alberta Beef"-land, I was raised on eating meat in at least 2 meals a day- lunch and supper. Let me tell you, since I've eaten meat only 1-2 times a week for the last while, I've not missed out on anything.
If you're looking at trying to reduce your meat intake, try asking yourself why you eat meat- is it a habit? do you enjoy it? And then ask yourself if you'd like to try something new.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekday Vegetarian

TreeHugger is a great site, I've got them updating me on Twitter on their articles around sustainability, eco-conservation action and otherwise greeny stuff.
A week ago they 'tweeted' that this article was posted- Try a Weekday Vegetarian Diet: Eat Green Food Without Taking the Plunge.
The concept of eating a Vegetarian meal schedule during the weekdays, and only eating meat on the weekends has been flirting with me ever since. Really, it's been like that hot guy you noticed (before you were married) out of the corner of your eye, looking and smiling at you, but you just can't look him in the eye. I thought on it, then mentioned it to my husband (who could sustain himself on steak alone and be blissful), and even questioned my sister-in-law about introducing meat into my nephews diet (he's only 6 months old and his parents eat meat, of course they will eventually).
Well, no sense thinking about it if I don't flirt back; so it's Monday, and I've made a conscious effort not to eat meat today. Here's what a weekday could (and might, if I continue working it) look like:
Breakfast: 6 egg whites, spinach, tomato and a bowl of oatmeal
Mid-morning meal: 3/4c kidney beans and rice, and steamed vegetables
Lunch (normally my post-workout): 1 Vega shake
Mid-afternoon meal: raw vegetables
Supper: steamed vegetables, and a salad or vegetable soup
Hmmmm...I'm going to play with this possibility.
For more on Weekday Vegetarianism, and it's benefits for Mother Earth, check out Shannon and Parsnip Spaceship's blog.

Friday, October 9, 2009

If the Pilgrim Didn't Eat It

Image from Natural Home magazine's article on Harvest, Exchange, Celebrate Thanksgiving with Friends- a great article on how to share the bounty of the harvest at your celebration, including great, clean recipes.

I went surfing the internet to find motivation to maintain a clean Thanksgiving. I don't want to come back to the office on Monday hungover from sugar and alcohol, and itching my skin from indulging my allergies of dairy and gluten. So yea, I want to stick to a clean lifestyle, whether it's Thanksgiving or simply a Thursday.

And I began to think about what the original Thanksgiving dinner would have been, and how different it is from the feasts-of-plenty we may be fortunate enough to look forward to this weekend.

The original Thanksgiving feast was about as clean as you could get- maybe it was the fact that there were no trucks roaring across the country with pounds of sugar to sweeten their cranberries, or perhaps it was due to the fact that the concept of the pumpkin pie hadn't been mainstreamed yet. Cool whip wasn't around to top those slices of pie; and there is no evidence that they butchered a pig on the occasion.

Interestingly enough, it seems from this History TV article, and other information I ran across, the original menu was dairy (cow), egg and refined sugar-free. They had wheat flour in plenty, and so perhaps the celiacs in the small crowd should not have indulged in the bread, but there would have been corn bread for them anyhow.

Meat dishes ranged from wild fowl, to venison and even seafood. Seasonal vegetables like carrots, beets, peas, lettuces and radishes brought color to their table. (Note the absence of buttery or creamed corn).

Image from Supplemental Science's quick-list on how to have a healthy Thanksgiving.

Butter and cream cheese were not available; there had been no cows on the Mayflower. They would have opted for the lower-fat (and my fave) option of goat's milk cheese.

Desert would have been a light mix of fruit and nuts from the direct area. There were no buffets of multiple desserts to choose from (isn't there always an option or four for those who don't like pumpkin pie?)

So I have found my motivation- as I fill my plate (not heaping, and only once) this weekend I'll do so with whatever the pilgrims would have first placed on theirs.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Best-laid Plans: Sugar Free Intention

Hm. I give myself an F. Not for Failure, but for Flexibility. I flew to Vancouver for the weekend on an impromptu weekend getaway. And my sugar-free intention was set aside without guilt or punishment. The truth is, that the more I thought about my '18 day' commitment, the more I felt constrained, anxious and over-driven toward it. And these feelings are so conducive to resurrecting an old disordered eating and over-exercising habit.
I'm not eating sugar today. And I won't eat sugar tomorrow, or the next day. I feel a slight nagging that I dropped a commitment, but really, I think I've formed a new one. One I'm much more proud of, and can see myself following indefinitely.
I choose to eat a clean, healthy diet, which does not include sugar, sugar-alternatives or sugar-replacements. I choose this daily, until something better comes along (and when I mean better, it had better be a 10/10 possible gold stars of better- not just 'tempting'). I've got great will-power, and don't find too many things tempt me.
Eat what makes you happy, and be happy about what you eat...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sugar-Free Day 3 (am)

Wow! It's 6am and I've finished a 45min yoga sculpt class already this morning- what a rush. I haven't felt this rested, and energized in a morning for a while! I feel great! I am also watching my thoughts, and I'm manifesting more positive, confident thoughts, which is making me stand taller, and have more self-assurance. I feel like today I could walk into work and complete my job with enthusiasm, ambition and optimism.
Does sugar contribute to my self-depricating, and damaging thoughts? Could this be a link to my sad-sad days?
Stay tuned...oh and my headache is still just slightly there.

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