Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin

Tosca Reno posted this link on her facebook page this morning and if I were a bat, and she the ball, this would have been a grand slam. Perfect execution of hitting it out of the park when the universe throws it your way. Time Magazine's article: Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin.
Read this article.
This summer, I've been enjoying workouts again, and recently I even strayed so far as to change my routine drastically. And by change I don't mean switching training splits, or exercises in total body routines. I mean, transforming my intention for exercise. Why do I exercise? It's moving away from striving to get into my size 10's again and toward heart health (Cardio), flexibility and strength (yoga and weights)- and most importantly working out because I feel like it. It's holistic and for betterment of my mind and body. And as a result my nutrition has changed to support that intention- I am naturally eating less and eating more vegetables, because I feel like it.
I don't know if I'm thinning down, but I know that I'm feeling balanced, clean and happy. So don't kill yourself in the gym and then go down a high calorie, high sugar protein shake or meal. It's my experience and it's referenced in the article above, that rest, movement rather than 'workouts' and pure food are the keys to your ultimate health.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fitness on Vacation

Image from Canadian Living's article on How to Stay Fit on Vacation.

I jumped on a plane and followed my husband down to Utah for a week; he was in class all week and I was taking my time off to hang out. Over-planning is a weakness of mine which became crystal clear as I headed onto the open road towards the little town my husband was in. Following the I-??, I stuck to the map I had printed out from Google, and had backed up with a Utah map I had bought at the airport. Keeping my head on my map instead of my surroundings led me into the middle of nowhere where a sigh welcomed me to Wyoming and notified me there were no services for 100 miles. I was 2 hours east of where I should have been. I couldn't conceive how I ended up in the wrong state! I had planned this!

So I threw that damn map out and stopped by the first haphazard log cabin-type convenience store? (I use the term 'store' loosely but it was convinient). The women at the counter smiled a toothy grin from a shining face framed by stringy blond hair- her first (ever!) Pepsi machine had just arrived. I talked to her about where I was going and she gave me general directions- so I headed out again and felt my way south, through a beautiful national park to my original destination safely. Her happiness and kindness went with me.

That lesson on awareness set the standard for how my week on vacation went. Not only did I not use maps at all, choosing instead to follow my surroundings' cues to get me to my mountain trailheads every day, but I abandoned all the research I had done and planned events I had envisioned before I got there. I turned my awareness inward to what my body wanted from this week away and felt my way there. I talked to people everywhere and got their recommendations for hikes to do, shops to visit and restaurants to try.

So I encourage you to throw out your workout plan while on vacation, and instead commit to activity each day, but in a loose form. Commit to being fit, healthy and active and the opportunity will arise. Whether it's a swim in the fab pool at your hotel, or a brisk run on the city pathways you can explore- just get out there.

Feel your way to health, and you will get there (with less mileage on the rental car!)

As it turned out I got to experience a great new form of yoga with a reknowned teacher, and hiked the best of Utah everyday while I was away. I couldn't have planned that any better.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

30min Full Body Workout

Ah Summer! The season of fitness- all this gorgeous weather and outdoor pursuits. How to fit it all in? How to generate enough energy to do it all? Get your workouts in!

Try this Full Body workout for a quick 30 min hit:

Repeat entire sequence 3 times. Keep repetitions between 20-25 and use medium to light weights to get your heart rate pounding along with your iPod.
1. Incline Fly
2. Upright Row
3. Squat
4. Triceps Extension
5. Bicep Curl
6. Shoulder Press

Pumped this out in less than 30 min actually and got on with my busy work day. Feels so good.