Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fresh Tuesday: Meals and Training

The 'spring ahead' time change, combined with about -24C weather forced me to remain asleep this morning and I missed my morning yoga flow- so tonight I'll use YogaDownload.com's Lunar flow instead- a good opportunity to try it out (lookin' on the sunny side- always on the sunny side).
I began today with my biggest meal of the day; a bowl of grains including ground rice, salba and flax (homemade), a 6 egg white omlette with red pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes with salsa and a cup of mate tea.
Mid day I was hosting a conference call and felt self-concious pulling out my beans and rice with bbq sauce while hosting corporate guests for a province-wide meeting. So I pulled out my apple chunks which I had saved for my post-workout instead, and ever the hostess, I sheepishly offered my guests some apple from my ziploc container (urgh! I know). But that just opened the door for my guests to pull out their protein shakes and bars to eat comfortably with me. They packed their own snacks but were waiting for an appropriate time to have them. I'm so glad I created a space where we could all get our nutrition in, while discussing business.
Next was my 40 minute fitness class- an excellent workout. I returned to the office ravenous and ate my lunch which included 3oz grilled balsamic glazed salmon and garlic roasted brussel sprouts and mushrooms with my rice and beans from earlier. I hestitated and almost didn't eat my rice- but I have to be careful to eat all my calories for the day. I cannot begin starving myself or straying from my planned meals again. Straying means both not eating all the food I have planned, as well as eating food that's not on it. Lastly at work I finished my afternoon snack after my meetings; 1/2c 1% cottage cheese, 6oz mixed raw vegetables (tomatoes, broccoli, carrots).
Supper was grilled chicken breast with fresh pesto and chili-sauteed green beans. I also grabbed 2 medjool dates on my way in the door before supper was ready. I was starved.
Fresh Today: Training
40 min fitness class (strength and cardio)
20 min lunar yoga flow from YogaDownload.com

Goodnight- finishing an episode of Desperate Housewives with my husband!

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