Sunday, March 8, 2009

31 Day Yoga Challenge

Trina at CarrotsNCake has started a yoga revolution online; what a brilliant way to bring healthy minded persons together and promote well being. Her 31 Day Yoga Challenge is being promoted by too, offering a 50% discount off purchased yoga downloads for the month of March (enter promo code CarrotsNCake at checkout). Even better news, you can try all of their 20 minute sessions for free-anytime! Their classes are printable pose guides, accompanied by well-created audio guides and slide shows (optional).
I'm hopping on the bandwagon a week late, so my challenge will be a 25 Day Yoga Challenge and I'm committing to 20 minutes of yoga a day until March 31, 2009.
Saturday, March 7, 2009- 20 minutes Power Yoga- challenge level 3-4 (intermediate). A great, challenging class to really create some heat in your body. This was invigorating, and challenged my upper body strength right off the top. My shoulders are sore today for just the 20 minutes.
Sunday, March 8, 2009- 20 minutes Morning Flow- challenge level 2-3 (beginner-intermediate). Focusing on back bends, this really sets a pure-posture standard for your day if you do it in the morning. Opening and strengthening the spine supports a tall posture, and open chest for your long days in front of the computer or hunched over a steering wheel.

Oh- and where are those food pics for the weekend? In my ambition to get all my meals documented on Friday, I forgot the camera in the office. Oh well. Here's a breakdown in text:
Friday finished with a Playstation Scene It get together at our place. I indulged in multiple glasses of a Piesporter with my friends, a brownie with cream cheese icing, salad with pears and goat cheese topped with barbeque beef (everyone else had beef on a bun). So this was my treat meal for the week.
Saturday was a great clean day; I love the feeling of accomplishment and internal purity from a clean day:
Breakfast: 1/8c creamy rice with 2T flax, 2T salba seeds/ 6 egg white omlette with spinach, tomato, red pepper and mushroom, 2c coffee with almond milk and splenda
Mid-morning snack: 10 almonds
Lunch: 2c leftover butter-lettuce, pear and pecan salad with 3oz ground turkey and 1T sesame orange dressing
Supper: 2c iceberg lettuce salad with 3oz ground turkey and 1T sundried tomato & oregano dressing, 1 bowl fresh fruit including banana, strawberries, and kiwi

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