Thursday, March 5, 2009

Comfort Food in your Environment

While lifting weights to Jari Love's "Get Ripped" fitness DVD, I was stunned into thinking. You know those moments when the incoherent stream of life is interrupted in a moment of clarity and meaning. One could say a moment of 'understanding'. Yeah, I got one watching a weight lifting video?? What happened to brains and muscle being exclusive?
Anyway- she said she truly believes our environment controls us, so get that junk food out of your house. It hit me- I'm disappointed in myself day after day for not having iron-clad will power over that jar of peanut butter in the fridge. So, the pb really is controlling me.
Don't argue with me about will power- I've dieted for a fitness competition and understand what will-power is. Just take a look at what is around you which is contolling you- a candy dish at work, a fridge full of 'junk food' your spouse can eat but you 'can't'. Or is it even a person whose negativitiy and own struggle with healthy, clean eating bringing you down? Figure it out, and get rid of it. Tonight, the peanut butter, and all baking supplies are going in the trash.

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