Wednesday, March 18, 2009

High Intensity Interval Training

This morning marked my first running workout since I dropped out of marathon training to help my metabolism recover from my fitness competition- and it felt freakin' fantastic. Here is my beginning treadmill HIIT training this morning:

0-5 min- warm up at 50% RPE (RPE is your rate of percieved exertion, so warm up at 60% of your full capacity). For me this was a light walk, uphill at 4.0 speed
5-25min- 1 minute intervals alternating between sprints and walks. My walking speed maintained at 4.0 speed, with a slight incline to help avoid shin splints and sprints increased in speed from 75% RPE (about 5.0 speed) to 90% RPE (about 7.0 speed) and then back down to 75% RPE before cooling down
25-30min cool down as warm up

This is a workout to ease me into HIIT training again. There are some great interval workouts here:
30 s interval workout
60 s interval workout
Each workout type has different levels for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Definitely check out if you're looking to start HIIT or are looking for good ideas to mix yours up.

I plan to alternate between 30s and 60s intervals in the future to keep my body in a state of gentle shock to accelerate fat loss.

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