Friday, March 6, 2009

Fresh: Breakfast

This is how it begins...super pancakes. In the mix this morning was 3/4c egg whites, 1/2 c uncontaminated oats, 2T ground flax, 2T salba seeds, dash cinnamon, 2T psyllium fibre husk. Mix this together and don't wait too long to get it on the warmed pan- these grains suck up moisture pronto!
This mix made 6 good sized pancakes (a lot to eat, but so satisfying for hours).
And accompanying these super guys were the condiments. Bali Sun coconut oil (about 1tsp) to non-stick the pan, a spray of becel after cooked and about 1T no sugar added ED Smith Apricot jam and about 1T agave nectar. A little sweetness to the fiber and protein rich breakfast pancakes.
See you back in a bit for lunch and mid-morning snack.
Fresh Today: Workout
After 2 days off because of flu-y feelings I felt restless this morning at 545am. So I got up and did 35min Fat Burning (cardio) pilates dvd and when she started the abs work I put in the pick-your-spot pilates dvd for 10 min each of butt and thigh work. ouch! Not a lot of repetitions, but a lot of small-muscle fiber work makes my legs shake and feel worked. The cardio was lighter as I'm still feeling flu-y. Better than nothing? I disagree- I should have slept in a bit more and allowed myself to feel icky. I'm not going to get over this unless I relax.

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