Friday, March 27, 2009

Epicure Selections: Gluten-free spice mix review

On my sister's birthday I arrived at her home to take her out to dinner, and while I was not looking she cleverly hid 2 gifts for me in my purse- yes she is chronically generous. I love them and thank you lil' sis.
She is conscious of my gluten intolerance and kindly made sure that these did not have any at all- she loves me so.
Curry Dip Mix (Gluten Free)
A mild curry which is perfect for mixing into fat free sour cream, or plain yogurt for a vegetable or chip dip. I've also used this in mashed yams and soup bases already to create a nice compliment between sweet and savory. I highly recommend getting this versatile spice in your cupboard. It's totally free of any processed products or petro by-products. It, like many spices of course, is vegan friendly.
Verde Vinaigrette (Gluten Free)
This is fantastic- flavorful and green (verde)! When mixed with your favorite oil (I use a high-grade olive oil) and balsamic vinegar (again, higher grade is better for salad dressings) it freshens and adds spirit to your greens. I've actually created a little jar to have on hand all the time, using a glass mason jar, I've added this combination of green herbs to my olive oil and vinegar to have on demand. It's that good.
Have both of these ready to dress up your crudites or greens for spring. It's that time of year! Fresh food is always better.

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