Friday, March 20, 2009

Fresh Training: Day 14 Yoga Challenge

Today's training feels so good. My second workout is in jeopardy as my husband, for the first time in the 10 years that I have known him, has the flu. I may have to get home early to care for him (it's fun to play a doting wife when he lets me).
I am thrilled to continue HIIT training. From 530-600am I did the following on the treadmill:
0-5 min: Uphill walk 4.0 speed, slight incline warm up
5-25 min: Intervals between 4.0 speed (walk) 60 seconds and 7.0 speed (sprint) 60 seconds
25-30 min: Flat walk 4.0 speed cool down

I followed up with Core Yoga from as part of CarrotsNCake's 31 day Yoga Challenge. This 20 minute session demands a lot from your core, as well as your upper body. I have good upper body strength from years of weight training, and I train abs in my 40min fit class twice a week and still had to push HARD to get through the poses. Really warms up your body; perfect for the morning.

Benefits of 14 days on the 31 day Yoga Challenge:
  • My husband commented that my temper has ceased, and he feels like he's "getting his wife back" after being wound tight with stress for weeks
  • Greater flexibility during stretching segment of my 40min fitness class
  • Heightened awareness of form during weight training sessions; doing lunges yesterday I was keenly aware of my knee positioning over my toes and could adjust to ensure a pain-free training session.
  • I feel like me again too; I find situations less stressful, and can find myself thinking on the positive end of many situations again. I'm definitely laughing more too.

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FoodsThatFit said...

Way to go with the yoga challenge! I am trying to get into yoga more, but it is very challenging!