Wednesday, May 5, 2010

At Work Meals-How To

It's not easy packing your daily meals and snacks to work, to play, or on a road trip. A little planning and you'll find great success in your meals- committing even 1 hour on the weekend to some prep for the week will make your goals attainable. Here's a glimpse into how I use preparation on the weekend to create easy meals during the week.
1. Once home from the grocery store, immediately wash and cut your vegetables, and store. Then make a batch of hummus for the week. I divide the hummus into individual containers as I need it.
2. Next, just mix a bunch up into take-away containers for a couple days at a time. Here I've created two days' worth of veggie sticks to go. When they run out, I'll head back to my veg stash to make more. Also, the pre-cut and washed veg can be chopped for evening salads!
3. Lunch right now is a salad. So I create a protein combo on the weekend with a pot of rice, and some beans. This week I mixed them with Jalepeno peppers and some corn for the 'meat' of the salad for the entire week.
4.Thrown over some spinach, that concoction becomes my lunch for the day.
5. Then it's onto my morning snack- my beloved hot cereal, either oats or creamy rice. Every other day I make a pot of 2 servings, and divvy it up into two containers.
And that's it. I throw some Vega into a bottle every morning, and add it all together for my day's worth of healthy, whole foods. Wherever I go, my lunch bag goes with me.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly Nutrition

So this is again, pretty simple. I'll post again later today, showing the process of getting all this food ready for the week. It's easy to stick to a plan, when you prep ahead of time.

Breakfast: Greenie Smoothie (includes big handfuls of spinach, 1c frozen berries, 1 frozen banana and water.) If I have a high-activity day then I add about 1/8c raw organic uncontaminated (gluten-free) oats or 1Tbsp hemp seeds.
Mid-Morning: 1/2 c (measured raw) uncontaminated oats, or 1/8c (measured raw) creamy rice cereal. Cutting out the raisins this week- I tend to reduce sugar the week of my period to reduce carb cravings.
Lunch: 2/3c beans and rice mixture, 2c organic green leafy salad with oil and vinegar dressing
Mid-Afternoon: 2c raw vegetables (broccoli and carrots), and 1/2c hummus
Supper: Big Salad! with toppings like avocado and sunflower seeds
Post Work-out: 1/2 serving plain vega in water

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekly Training

Monday: 30 min plyometrics, 30 min elliptical
Tuesday: 30 min incline treadmill walk
Wednesday: 30 min day shred level 1, 30 elliptical
Thursday: 30 min heart opening flow
Friday: 30 min heart opening yoga, 30 min bike
Saturday: Moksha yoga
Sunday: OFF
I was super low in iron this week- and therefore super low in energy. Gotta get nutrition in, or I can't get my workouts in.