Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obesity at 700 calories a day

This article "Living with Obesity at 700 Calories a day" described what I'm going through right now. I am not obese, but the similarities lie in the body's reaction to getting good whole foods and moving out of starvation mode and the effects of it. Interesting point in the article: most obese people are actually consuming very little calories, but doing so in binges or one large meal a day. A colleague of mine at work lost 14lbs just by eating breakfast everyday- just goes to show how important it is to fuel your body in a timely, consistent way with whole foods. Even the smallest changes make a big difference.
Sticking to a maximum amount of cardio a day has been very very stressful. I'm always calculating, oh! I could do an extra 10 more min here or there. Also, eating all my prescribed food has been tough- but I'm doing it. My body was starving before, too much activity and not enough food; now that I'm resting and eating more it's inevitable to gain a few pounds- but this will drop once it's returned to a balanced state and doesn't think I'm in a famine.
I have been trying since Sunday to upload pics and recipe of my fave tropical muffins but to no avail. I'll keep trying.
I'm on track for my 1/2m training, this morning i did three hills, according to the training schedule mapped out for me by my clinic. In all, I ran 5k this morning. Yesterday it was a flat 4k run. I'm enjoying a new, warm but breathable running sweater I got from my sister these chilly mornings (I can see my breath at 445am).
I will try a new bi/tri workout later today, and do no extra cardio. Once I have completed this week on my new weight training program I designed I will share it with a review. I'm still tweaking it a bit; it's a 2 day repeated split (so train 4 days a week with weights). I'm not training my legs at all because they are getting it with the hills and running I'm doing. Let's see if it keeps them lean without too much muscle mass. So look for a new weight program later in the week, and hopefully some tantalizing muffin shots.

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