Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Temper Treatment

Get to the gym; no kidding. This morning I could have kicked Muhammed Ali's a#$ (or at least gotten in the ring, turned and run high tail)-I was so rearin' for a fight. I couldn't even see straight I was so angry.
But pumped out the best total body circuit I have in a long time, and forced out a half-hour incline treadmill walking. The sweat felt great, the music fine (on my new ipod from Husband). Sprints this morning before breakfast were a delight- really getting longer sprints in- I enjoy speed work. Not looking forward to a tempo hill training session tomorrow morning.
Good news! I contacted my nutritionist again- finally. And he's going to help me get rid of this post-competition weight; just to get me back to where my body is comfortable (ie. before the competition). There is no subsitute for the coaching and support of an expert- make the investment and contact a professional. For the health of your body and mind- put your care in someone's hands who knows exactly what they are doing.

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