Friday, July 4, 2008

10-minute Challenge

Sitting in a computer lab for staff training for the last 3 days has not been very conducive to bronzing my skin for the summer. The sun is out, the party atmosphere has begun for Stampede and I encourage you to enjoy it. Take your break outside today, even if it's just walking up and down the street in front of your workplace, or finding a grassy plot to sit upon. Soak up the sun, feel the warmth and breath. You'll feel like a new person- I know it. I'll go out at 1030am and 230pm- anyone else?

Day off from 1/2m (1/2 marathon shorthand from now on) training this morning. I did get up and consider doing a 'junk' run, just because it feels so good in the mornings to get out. But my body screamed at me to get some rest- my muscles are so sore and feet hurt. Since getting back from the indulgent weekend for my Sister's wedding reception (where I think I ate 2lbs of chocolate-chili cake- delicious!) and waterskiing, I've been hitting the training really hard. My tempo run is steady at 5:50 pace (although I have to slow myself down- thanks to my new Garmin GPS it's easy to keep pace). My fartlek training was fun- sprinting around my neighborhood towards random landmarks (ie. lightpost 100m away). Weights were great on Wed, another session today after classroom training. Yesterday I had to cut my elliptical short, only getting a sum of 55min of cardio in the entire day, but I suppose it's ok. Today I will do my weights then 30min incline treadmill walking.
Tomorrow I'm stuck in classroom training again, but that's ok because I'm closer to the gym at work than I am from it at home. I'll do my steady run in the am before class and then do 30min after class in the gym.

as a side note- grad studies are kicking my a#@. Quantitative research methods is a demanding class. The curriculum is easy enough, but the pace is quick and the assignment load is unbelievably heavy. So forgive me friends, if I don't join you outside on the patio as much as I'd like to in the next 5 weeks.

Love and Peace- VV

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