Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Birthday Story

As I sit here writing, the above picture is what I see. I can smell my flowers as well, and I'm thankful for such a mild, lovely morning. I just finished my brunch of an egg while omlette with sauteed mushrooms and roasted red peppers with a bowl of creamy rice cereal. Black coffee tied the brunch up nicely. I finished my 10k run just before brunch- and it felt great. I'm back into my healthy routine after an extravagant birthday.

It began with a good old fashioned sleep over with my truest friend, M. She went all out, drinks and appy's the night before my birthday, then stayed overnight with me and we had a wonderful brunch on the patio and mani/pedis and shopping during the day. So lucky to have you my darling!

These are the roses Partner gave to me on my birthday, with a few of the mini-bday cakes I made, and an empty glass of red wine. He took me to the River Cafe for supper that night; I had an Elk carpaccio to start, then the feature duck breast with confit salad rolls and we split the grilled apricot on toasted pound cake with creme fraiche for the sweet. My dinner cocktail was a lemon splash- a nice white wine with fresh made lemonade. Impecable- the entire experience. The Folk Music Festival was on the island, and we got the benefit of the incredible music as we sat on the patio, lazily enjoying dinner as the river flowed around us. Some of the musicians were having drinks behind us- very artsy. What an experience.
We then walked around the island. He had given me a fine, royal purple, 3 tiered designer jewellery box on Wednesday (he can't wait to give me the presents he gets me- inevitable we celebrate Christmas in November because we get so excited) and so I was shocked when he pulled out a little tissue wrapped box. It looked like something that could fit into my new jewellery box- and it was. Just at the spot where he knew my Dad proposed to my mother, and not far from where Partner proposed to me a year and a half-ago, he gave me another wedding band. A beautiful white gold band I can wear when I'm training, baking and cooking without having to worry about bending the diamond setting or getting my other rings scuffed up. I'm so grateful, and so overwhelmed.

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