Friday, July 11, 2008

CrossFit Friday

Fun! Fun! Fun! Seriously, I skipped to the gym today with doing a Crossfit session in mind. I had to switch up my routine, I know I'm ready for a change when I start trolling the Internet looking at new training ideas. I modified this Workout of the Day (WOD) from Crossfit Calgary.
WOD: For time- 20 Dumbbell (DB) Deadlifts 15lbs & 10 Burpees
Time: 8:02min
I reduced the weight significantly and did higher reps for the deadlifts- I'm not looking to gain any more muscle. I was underchallenged though (HR only about 65% max) and so will try less modification of their workouts next time as they look difficult. I plan to incorporate Crossfit workouts into my routine at least 2 times a week. My body feels well-worked and my mind is clear and excited about a new challenge. After this I did 30 min incline treadmill walking. I started the day with a 4k steady run (6:36 pace).
Crossfit is functional, competitive training; you engage in training sessions that give you speed, agility, strength and endurance- depending on the day. Their workouts appear to be totally random, but are really well designed as a balanced weekly schedule. It surprises your body, and keeps your mind occupied. A complementary nutrition plan is suggested: the Paleolithic or Caveman Model.

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