Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Heart and A Start

Training today:
4:45am- 5k run (approx 30 min- Garmin battery died again!) 6:36 pace
9:00am- Sets of 25/20/15/12 of
Superset 1
Tricep dips (tris), DB lateral raise (shoulders), DB curls (bis)
Superset 2
Overhead BBll extension (tris), BBll front raise (shoulders), BBll curls (bis)
10 min treadmill incline 7.0 speed 4.0
My arms are super sore after this. My chest really complained when I used it to stabilize during the tri dips and extensions from yesterday's Crossfit workout.
Nutrition- on track according to my meal plan, up to meal 3. 3 more to go!
Part of getting back to a more balanced health regimine is limiting my training and sticking to my meal plan. For each day that I do only my planned workouts I give myself a heart in the corner of my log book; and for each day I stick to my meal plan I give myself a star. It's nice to accumulate such little tokens but it means a lot to me. And while on the treadmill today, as tempted as I was to just go and go and go, I stepped off at 10 min.
Do whatever you gotta do...

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