Tuesday, July 15, 2008

12 Step Program- sort of...

"Have you ever tried taking 2 days a week off?" made my heart race and my eyebrows raise. He's got to be pulling my leg- "Like, two days of no training at all?" I choked out, hoping we'd laugh together and it wouldn't be true. He was serious, my nutritionist/trainer/friend is always serious about training and nutrition; I worked with him successfully for the fitness competition and now am working with him to return to my pre-competition weight. He's an expert and I put my recovery in his fully capable, nutrition-degree-holding, bodybuilding pro hands.

I've been working like a demon in the gym and dieting since the competition to restore my weight to what is was pre-competition but have steadily gained lbs. I'm convinced it's muscle, because my clothes fit just fine- but I don't want this much weight on my frame. So with J's kind, but determined guidance, I'm increasing my calorie intake, and decreasing my training and yes, taking days off to rest, in an effort to return my body to it's happy, relaxed and healthy state.

If you are out there, training and dieting, and not seeing the results you want go find a professional to talk to about it. You can read and read and get recommendations from friends, and even this blog, but nothing will be YOUR program until a professional designs it for you. A friend of mine was getting a healthy-eating program designed by J as well and I was intensely struck with how different it was from the one he had just designed for me. We have similar goals- lose lbs, but totally different programs.

So today, I ate more food, and restricted my cardio to 1hour. I didn't do a crossfit workout (Today's WOD was to run 5km- I already did that before breakfast for my 1/2m training). I did a brief, but great bi/tri workout and 1/2h incline treadmill walking. I know, it's still a lot but I'm taking it one step at a time...walk with me?

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