Sunday, June 22, 2008

LSD Sundays

The raindrops cooled my run this morning: 7k at a 7:15/km pace. After spending 6 hours (yes, from 10am to 4pm) in the kitchen preparing meals for the next two weeks I needed some thoughtful, relaxing time to myself. I started by putting two sirloin roasts in at 10am, then went in 20 chicken breasts on grills, then two pans of meat balls and one large casserole of brown rice pilaf, and one batch of GF Banana Yogurt muffings (fabulous- you can't wait for that recipe! later). Weighed and portioned in ziploc containers, most of it will come out as we need it. Since we are going camping next weekend, next weeks' food had to be done as well. Without planning ahead, our clean meals would have hit a train wreck when we returned from camp with no food in the house and work on wednesday. Think ahead, it's worth it.
I'm just finishing up a light breakfast of 4 hard boiled eggs (yolks scooped out after cooking), 1 tomato seasoned with S&P and 1/2 apple w/ 1Tbsp almond butter. This is lighter than normal, especially since I should be refueling after my LSD (long slow distance) run this morning; but me and my ladies are heading out to a fabulous brunch at a dtown hotspot and then the S&C movie! I'll order off the menu instead of getting the buffet, that way I can control portion sizes and eat only 1 plate full. Also, buffets are usually laden with Gluntinous treats like waffles and pancakes which I can't have anyway (and shouldn't have anyway on a clean menu - making your own can produce cleaner waffles/pancakes. I'll post on those soon).
Pancake season approaches Calgarians! Don't indulge in those Stampede breakfasts! Just think of all the butter, oil and flour that goes into their pancakes, of all the grease they've used on their grill (and how many millions of eggs/sausages/bacon strips/pancakes have passed on it). Envisioning the open bucket of pancake batter on the ground next to a volunteer sweating over a hot grill turns me off them anyway. Stock up on fresh fruit, bake a batch of clean muffins, fill up on healthy food when you can and have Stampede black coffee while your mates feast on that pancake batter (yech!). Feel that healthy feeling within yourself when you know you're body is cleaner, your skin is glowing, your hair is healthy and you're not endangering your well being by chowing down. As we approach Stampede, let's get together to support one another clean eaters! What challenges will you have? What client appreaciation events? drinks? ho-downs? will you face and get through? Let's talk about it.
Love and peace; VV

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