Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baking Plans Averted

I had set myself up for an enjoyable afternoon on Saturday in the kitchen, prepping meals for the week and indulging in another gluten free baking experiement. I was going to try either jam squares or peanut butter bar cookies. But unfortunately we will have to go out of town this weekend, taking me away from my kitchen. Perhaps I'll find time friday night, which would be grand because i could bring them with me and have others taste test them so i don't eat the whole pan!
Training today:
45min walk ~4.0mph (POWER walking) up every hill I could find in my neighborhood.
21min intervals on elliptical- start at level 1 resistance, and increase resistance until level 7 every minute three times
40min steady elliptical jog resistance 3

Kind of an active recovery day- my legs are so sore from my week of hard training after vacation. My partner thinks I am overtraining, and I think I agree, but I just can't stop it!

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