Monday, June 9, 2008

Goat Cheese Asparagus Stuffed Turkey Breast

Friday night I wanted to spend some time making something nicer for my partner and I; he is so impressed with even the smallest effort in the kitchen. So I strayed slightly from our meal plans and added goat cheese to our Friday evening menu. What can I make with turkey breasts, asparagus, and goat cheese in half an hour? This is quick and easy.

Goat Cheese Asparagus Stuffed Turkey Breast

Pre-heat oven to 350F.

1 clove garlic
3T olive oil
Mince garlic, mix into olive oil. Brush grill or baking dish with 1/2 of the mixture

2 turkey breasts, butterflied, flattened
2 Tbs Goat Cheese
6 Asparagus spears
Brush both sides turkey breast with remaining oil/garlic mixture. Salt and pepper. Crumble 1Tbsp cheese onto exposed surface of turkey, roll around 3 asparagus spears.

Place in baking dish, bake for 20-25min depending thickness of the turkey.

The cheese melted very well, and the asparagus was crisp, but tender. This is a recipe I had at a catered volunteer event last week which I wanted to try at home; the catered dish had much more cheese and had a bread coating on the chicken. I cut the cheese and breading to make it cleaner. Served with a huge side of veggies, it's the perfect evening meal.

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