Tuesday, June 17, 2008

6 Health Imposters

Thanks to everyone who has read the blog; it always amazes me that anyone finds my drivel more than tolerable. I think so many of you have such great, creative ideas, so please start blogging yourself and send me the link, or use the comment section here to express yourself.
Training this weekend was stellar (I have decided I don't like the word 'stellar' and won't use it again). 7k on Sunday through my fave wood reserve, kept pace really nice and slow to condition for long runs. Monday and Friday are days off according to Running Room's training schedule- but who needs to rest? Not me! So Monday I did a steady 3K run- cutting it short to make my seminar downtown in time for networking. And today, I stuck to the Running Room's recommendation (mostly) and did a tempo run (fast!)- the only change I made was doing a 5K tempo instead of the recommended 4K. My chosen route was 5k, I'm not going to compromise, especially when I can stay outside a little longer on these beautiful morning.
My gym routine is intact despite some scheduling issues. I still weight trained yesterday and did an extra 30min uphill treadmill walk (cardio 2) and today I did 1hr on the bike (no weights) intervals.
My menu this week is simple, although with this extra mass from my 'bulk'- ok- my 'fattening-up' cycle not coming off, I'm so tempted to mess around with my meal plan and drop all my carbohydrates. I'm only doing 2 meals of carbs, and both are before 11am (thereafter being only protein and veg) and am tempted to cut it down to one, and then next week to none. But that's unhealthy- very unhealthy. If you're like me, and have determined that you are carb sensitive, then please be careful and don't cut them out. Cut out the junk you eat on the weekends, and in the evenings when it's so easy to grab something off the meal plan. those are keeping my goals unattained- not the rice cakes and oatmeal I eat daily. Get perspective, get real. Be honest.
Here's a go at honesty: I'm 5lbs over my goal weight. I'm overtraining. I'm considering dropping healthy carbs to reach the goal weight (unhealthy) when in reality I should drop the treat DAYS I have over the weekends.
Goal: Drop the extra 5lbs by June 30 by sticking to a healthy meal plan, with 2 meals of carbs, maintaining my current training schedule. Planning ONE cheat MEAL per week rather than 2 cheat DAYS on the weekend. When baking on the weekend (part of my goal to become a competent GF baker) make sure to GIVE the goodies away so I don't eat an entire batch of Monster cookies (they were fab, but bad for me mentally, emotionally and physically when overindulged).
Of interest, and related to the title of this post, is Dr. Mercola's "Six Healthy Sounding Foods That Aren't". Read it, and get real about what you're eating- even 'healthy' foods need to be examined for their authenticity. As I mentioned in my Power Ball post, energy/health/protein bars are not to be incorporated into a daily menu- they should be considered a treat or for emergencies only.
Get outside- isn't it wonderful?

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