Tuesday, June 3, 2008

All Inclusive-itis

Training: 40min walk, 15 min plyometrics, 1hr elliptical\
0700: (post morning-workout)6 egg whites, 3/16c creamy rice, 1/2c peppers/tomatoes, 1/2 apple;
1000: (post workout) 1/2c brown rice, corn, bean mix and 3oz ground turkey w/ salsa, 1/2 apple;
1300: 2c veggies, 3oz coconut chicken;
1600: 1c tomato salad, 3oz tuna;
1830: 2c salad, 3oz turkey breast;
2100: 1/2c cottage cheese 1%, 2scoops soy protein powder.

Changing up my training to incorporate more fat-burning and less muscle-building. Weighing in at the heaviest I have ever in my life, I am not in a very calm state of mind. I am anxious, stressed, and have very low self-esteem and belief in my ability to control how I look and feel. It is a direct result of my indulgent week away at an all-inclusive resort. I did hit the gym, took part in yoga and hiking just about every day, but my nutrition was deplorable. And I didn't steer away from gluten in any situation- in fact I headed straight into the different cake the resort served every night for dessert.

So the next few weeks are focusing on a healthy, soothing recovery for me. I'm going to monitor my weight carefully, drink plenty of water, stop all fat-burner supplementation and just eat calmly, with great intent and purpose. The food I will eat will charge my metabolism, and make me feel good about myself and my health again. The training I will do will be fun and different, bringing the happiness back into fitness. I'm taking a different angle this time around- rather than punish myself for the indulgence at the resort, I'm looking forward to a renewed pattern of healthy eating and training habits. I look forward to nourishing my body and therefore my mind. I choose to live a healthy life, I choose to live a happy life.

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