Monday, June 9, 2008

Full-body Circut (30min)

My workouts are focused on leaning out right now; after my fitness competition I inadvertantly did a really effective bulking cycle. Eating more calories than I had in months, and lifting heavy weights consistantly allowed me to pack on muscle mass and return to a normal body fat percentage. I would like to loose some of this mass, to get back to a more streamlined physique. I use lighter dumbells (between 7.5-10lbs) and timed reps for this full-body circuit. It takes about 30min to complete. I work hard and find myself sweating, panting and spent after this workout- measures of a good workout.
Get a watch, or watch the clock. I use a timer on my wrist watch set to 1 minute countdown. Perform each of the following for as many reps as possbile for 1 minute, then repeat the entire circuit through. Follow up with 30 min cardio and you've got a super workout! Do this three times a week with recovery days in between.

Full Body Circuit 1- remember to suck in your stomach at all times- envision pulling your belly button towards your spine.*

Upright Row (the link shows barbell, I use dumbbells)
Rear Delt Fly
Reverse Lunge
Shoulder Press (I do standing, focusing on pulling in my abs)
Deep Squat
Standing Bicep Curl
Lying Triceps Extension
(Normally, I would do these standing to focus on pulling in my abs, but I'm being lazy)
Do as many reps as possbile for one minute, restart your timer and go right into the next exercise. Your heart rate should get up there; do NOT rest between exercises, you may take a quick 30s break between circuits if you need it. Do this three times a week, for four weeks and then switch up your program. I'll post another when I do.

*No, there are no ab exercises in here but you can add one anywhere you choose if you work your abs. I think I have mentioned before, I don't work abs in the conventional sense, rather I just concentrate on pulling them up and in at all times (walking to work, in the kitchen, seated at my desk, on the treadmill, while lifting weights). I want to keep stablized without adding mass to my midsection. Think about it, when you do dumbbell curls with heavy weight, you add muscle mass- so when you work your abs...

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