Friday, June 13, 2008


Half-marathon training last night was undaunting; we ran 3k- yay. no problemo. And the group was fantastic; I can't wait to get to know everyone. It was great to connect again with my friend H, it's been too long and it seems we have much to do! (Triathalon??). I think that training for this will be easier than training for my fitness competition- but I may eat my words.
My dilemma this weekend, is what to eat actually. I like baking on the weekends, as a stress reliever but haven't found a recipe that I am motivated enough to try- And I do have the time this weekend to try something. I might try my had at these logo sugar cookies for my partner's organizations' logo. He designed the logo, and is leaving the company at the end of the month, I thought I could send a batch on his last day. But that just doesn't seem like much fun yet.
I am thinking of diverging from my usual chocolate and/or pb stream and getting into more vanilla and fruit combinations; the beautiful vanilla and vanilla beans I brought back from the Mayan Riviera earlier this month is part of that motivation. And the wonderful fruit I see in Costco each week is tempting. I've also got ice cream cupcakes on my dashboard lately. And a layered cake/cheesecake combination- which I haven't really found a nice recipe for yet.
So, my post after the weekend will be a surprise as to what I've done. I may just get to do my patio flowers and no baking at all. I still do have to make our meals for the week.
Anyway, have a fabulous June weekend- anyone come up with their clean eating menu yet this week? Share it in the comment section to help inspire me, and others.

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