Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things

So a couple of friends have tagged me for 25 Random Things About Me. Thought I would indulge in a little self-promotion and actually do it. So here are 25 totally random things about me, followed by my meals and training for the day.
  1. just ate broccoli and home made hummus
  2. wish I could make home made broccoli
  3. will forget your name the first time I meet you
  4. will ask you outright what your name is the second time I meet you
  5. am not ashamed about asking for your name again
  6. am returning 2 dvd's to amazon this week because they arrived defective- great return procedure
  7. love my curly hair
  8. love your straight hair
  9. think people don't talk enough, let's have more conversations with one another
  10. danced on the tables at a duelling pianos lounge last weekend-with my business partners (they were up there first!)
  11. have been described as 'regal'
  12. believe that making and keeping human relationships healthy is the meaning of life
  13. want to play more volleyball
  14. ate a whole bag of Hershey's new Cherry kisses two nights ago
  15. am afraid of the dark
  16. believe that yoga detoxifies
  17. will be an ex-pat in the future
  18. want to take care of you, so let me do it
  19. believe you make it hard for others to show they love you by not asking for help
  20. am grateful
  21. think that nutrition largely determines your mental and physical capacity to thrive
  22. am surprised at how easy it is to find 25 random things about myself
  23. wonder how hard it would be to find 25 random things about your partner, or friend
  24. daily make mistakes which make me smack myself over the head and laugh
  25. am not as smart as I think I am

Meals and Training
515am: 45 min cardio pilates
600am: 1Tsbp raisins to ward off dizziness from low blood sugar
730am: 5egg white omelet with spanish onions, spinach, mushrooms, 1/4c creamy rice, 2T salba, 2T ground flax, 1tsp coconut oil, 2c mate tea
1030: 3 rice cakes, 3/4c 1% cottage cheese, 1 medium ripe tomato open faced sandwiches
12-100pm: step class with weights
130pm: 1.5c vegetable chicken soup, 1/4 apple
430pm: 1.5c raw vegetables w/ 4Tbsp hummus
630pm: (planned) ground turkey salad with 3Tbsp salsa and 1Tbsp sour cream

Trip to Costco tonight to make meals for my husband while I am away in Austin, Texas for the next week. The guy's gotta eat while I'm gone.

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