Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fresh Today: Meals and Training

Hello. It's frighteningly cold here, and it's surprising how my body is craving high-carbohydrate food like nothing else. I'd love to indulge into one of the gluten-free White-chocolate Cranberry scones I made on the weekend and froze for company, but I'm committed to another day of eating clean. There's nothing better I can do for myself- sticking to my chosen lifestyle plan for my own well-being.
This is what I indulged in for myself today:
515am: 45 min leg/glute work
730am: 6 egg whites, 1/2c uncontaminated oats*, 2T flax, 2T psyllium husk, 2T ground salba, 1Tbsp coconut oil, 1 apple (sauteed to top my pancakes made of aforementioned ingredients), 2c mate tea
915-945am: 30 min cardio, treadmill at 6.5 incline and 4.0 speed (brisk uphill walk)
1030am: 1/2 apple, 3oz chicken breast, 1/2c brown rice, 2Tbsp BBQ sauce
100pm: 1c vegetable and ground turkey chili, 1/2 apple
330pm: 3oz chicken breast, 8oz raw organic carrots, 2Tbsp vinaigrette
630pm: (planned) 3oz ground turkey on salad greens (modified taco salad, without the taco)
Supplements: 2 multivitamins, 2 calcium, adrenal support, fish oil
Macros for today: 1792 calories, 62.9g fat (30%), 166.4g carbs (36%), 143.5g protein (33%)
I try to stay at about 30% fat, 30% carbs, 40% protein, so I need to drop carbs and increase protein slightly.
Workout Info: Leg/Glute work burned approximately 305 calories, Treadmill walk burned about 280 calories, Yoga burned about 128 calories
If I get time, I'd like to do anther 45 min yoga this evening, last night it cleared my head so well and I even awoke this morning with a lingering sense of calm and peace. I want my husband to join me to help with his insomnia, but he is convinced he's a chemically-dependent sleeper and won't try anything but drugs to help him sleep at night.

Do you notice any different cravings during different points in your day? during different weather patterns?

*Uncontaminated oats are the only variety of oats that are gluten free. They are usually found in a health food superstore; I find mine in the bulk section of Planet Organic for the same price as Quaker oats in Coop. One can also buy them in small, packaged cereal bags by "Just Oats". These are pricier.

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The Healthy Hostess said...

Love your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine! I will be reading yours from now on! You are so dedicated, I love it!