Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cocoa Nibs

A healthy alternative to chocolate chips in all of your baking (and other) chocolate needs! Cocoa nibs are an edible casing of the cocoa bean, between the outer shell and the bean. So far, I've used cocoa nibs in the following:
  • Cocoa-nib shortbread cookies (the sweetness of the shortbread paired brilliantly with the bitter, dark chocolate of the nibs;
  • As a topping for my creamy rice cereal (chocolate in hot cereal! with a Tbsp of peanut butter, it's dessert in the AM);
  • As a mix-into trail mix in place of chocolate chips
  • Admittedly, straight out of the fridge by the spoonful (not classy, but stops the craving for chocolate on the spot!
The Food Network has some suggestions for using them as well. And The Spice House has a great description of them as well as an online ordering option. I purchase mine in the bulk section of Planet Organic.

Fresh Today: Meals and Training
515am: 45 min cardio (plyometrics)
730am: 6 egg whites, 2 mushrooms, 2 baby tomatoes omlette, 1/4c creamy rice cereal with 2Tbsp cocoa (also cacao) nibs, 1Tbsp raisins, 2c mate tea
1030am: 3oz chicken breast, 1/2c yams
1210-1240pm: 40 min fitness class (step aerobics, triceps, lats)
130pm: 1 apple (post workout), 1.25c turkey and vegetable chili
430pm: 3oz chicken breast, 8oz carrots, 2Tbsp vinaigrette
700pm: (planned) 3oz ground turkey on salad greens (taco salad without the taco)

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