Saturday, January 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance?

Cardio training does not have to be restricted to a treadmill, elliptical, bike or to the pavement. Today, in the middle of our office I turned on my Songbird playlist entitled "Workout" and just danced. It helps you get comfortable with your own body, and the way you move. You can work up a sweat if you challenge yourself and incorporate burpees, knee lifts, jumps, jumps, squats and lunges. And time flies by; this was my playlist this morning (changes every time I do a dance workout):

Cardio Fitness Dance Workout (45 minutes approx.)
No One- Alicia Keys (warm-up, slow side-steps, squats)
I Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend- Ashlee Simpson (deep squats, toe touches, jumps)
Crazy in Love- Beyonce and Jay Z (booty shakes, shoulder shakes, knee ups)
Never too Late- Hedley (lunges, arm circles, shoulder presses, bicep curls)
The Devil Went Down to Georgia-The Charle Daniels Band (fast feet, speed drills)
Survivor- Desitny's Child (Oblique lifts, burpees)
Don't take my heart away- Jake (Salsa and Mambo steps)
Waking up in Vegas- Katy Perry (Jumps)
Unbelivable- EMF (Side squats, side lunges, lat raises)
I Like the Way You Move- Bodyrockers (shoulder circles, ham curls)
Mercy- Duffy (Jazz step)
Delayed Devotion-Duffy (Cool down steps)
Take a Bow-Rihanna (Cool down ballet, stretching)

Yes, I was a pop-tart today. I was in the mood for some Saturday sunshine. Next playlist will include Bif Naked, Marilyn Manson, 12 Stones, Against Me!, AFI. I'm not discriminatory.

Have a great Saturday.

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