Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bulk Cooking for the Week

7 days of meals for work for myself and my husband:
  • 130 meatballs
  • 12lbs mashed yams
  • 9c brown rice
  • 15 chicken breasts
  • 6c vegetable turkey soup
  • 6c vegetable soup (I didn't add meat, so I could freeze this and add tofu, chicken, or turkey whenever I heated the meal depending on my preference)
Half of these will go into the fridge, and the other half into the freezer for the latter half of the week. I did all of this cooking in 4 hours on Saturday afternoon, normally I spend at least that much time one day on the weekend doing it. I cook breakfast and supper fresh every night, so these just go into our lunch boxes each day.
1. Plan out your meals for the week, going through each day, each meal, writing them out in your planner.
2. Make a grocery list which includes all of the food you will need to make all of the meals, including what you need for breakfast and suppers at home.
3. Cross off the ones you already have in your home, and organize the remaining list by where you shop for it (ie. Market- vegetables, Costco- meat, egg whites, eggs, Coop-the rest)
4. Shop, come home and wash all your fruit and vegetables before you put them away.
5. Start cooking! Put what needs to bake in the oven right away so you can prep and make the stovetop items while they bake.
6. Ensure all of your food storage containers are clean and ready to be filled
7. Get out our kitchen scale and measuring cups. Measure portions into your containers, chopping meat into bite sized chunks (eliminating the need to pack a sharp object in your bag and the potential for being arrested for carrying said sharp object around)
Now, enjoy an entire week of easy to access meals . Stick with it and your body and mind will show you how happy they can make you.

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