Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekly Training-Managing Grief

What does grief look like in your life? When imaging this post, I thought I could either post a picture of a big old bowl of ice cream and call it 'managing grief' or I could post a pic of my Garmin's screen of a kick-a@$ run and call it the same. That helped me choose- working out over pigging out. My Grandma's funeral was Sunday and I'm dealin' as best I can.
So here is how the last week broke down:
Monday: 30 min morning yoga, 35 min treadmill incline walk
Tuesday: 30 min yoga, 45 min run
Wednesday: 35min bike intervals
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 45min exercise DVD
Saturday: 7k run (outside! oh the sun is here)
Sunday: 3k walk (outside!)

I had wanted to do a hot yoga class, but I couldn't fit it into my schedule. I'm a little erratic on what I do for workouts, but the most important thing is consistency. I'm out there everyday, getting moving. And that is health.

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