Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekly Nutrition: On my Feet

Prepare your stomach and digestive tract for the day- start it with a room-temperature glass of water, with 1/2 lemon squeezed into it. I do it every morning and have had great results. (My husband loves it too, calling it 'lemonade'). He doesn't know it's good for him...heehee
Then onto my daily routine of goods:
Breakfast- Greenie Smoothie (so easy to put together in a rush)
Mid-morning- More Greenie Smoothie (in my new Pure canteen) or a fresh apple and about 20 almonds.
Lunch-Salad, or raw vegetables with hummus.
Mid-afternoon- fresh fruit and vegetables
Post Work-out- Vega
Very tricky week to get everything in- my meal times correspond to a client trip out of town, working a trade fair all day and other meetings. So it's convenience food, or food I can eat on my feet quickly, or in my car safely. None of those are any of the Top Ten Foods that Cause Car Accidents (MSN, 2010).

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