Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly Training

Squeeking in as much activity as I can get- I knew it would be a wild week, with my days starting with meetings as early as 7am (yes, full skirt, hose and heels meeting at 7am across the city), out of town client trips and a trade fair. I put all of my workouts in my calendar every Sunday, so I prepped last week. But I over-estimated my body's capacity for activity during such a stressful week and flexed a lot on my activity level to allow for rest:
Monday-30 min elliptical, 20 min plyo
Tuesday- 30 min yoga
Wednesday-30min yoga, Run outside 31 min (4.5km) see the picture
Thursday-looooong bike ride (15km)
Friday- 75 min Baptiste Vinyasa Flow (hot yoga)
Sunday- Off
My Wednesday run was to be the beginning of my outdoor running club at work- I've enlisted 3 other runners who want to workout with me at lunch hours- and they all 'forgot' their workout gear the first run- didn't stop me from getting out. I just got to map our first run for us, hopefully coming up this next week.

Now I'm off to put my workouts for my upcoming week into my calendar. Are you prepped for your week?

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