Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Little Raw Today: Greenie

Here it first Green Monster...Angela is doing it, and so is Kath...
This is part of my flirting with a more raw food, and more vegan lifestyle.
It was hard to think about not diving into my favorite egg white breakfast this morning, but once I started assembling this monster, I got a little excited about it.
In the humble little blender this morning went
1. frozen strawberries (local, organic)
2. fresh spinach
3. almond milk (about 1/2c)
4. frozen banana
It made a huge amount, keeping me well satiated until my scheduled morning snack. It tasted good- believe me. No 'green' flavor at all. And I had BOUNDLESS energy this morning- whether that's because of an awesome sleep last night, 2 cups of coffee or this greenie I don't know (and don't want to perform isolated trials to figure it out).
I'm waiting to see if the sugars (natural, but sugar none the less) will give me a headache later in the day as they have done before. So far so good though, and if this proves to be a cost effective and healthy alternative I may make these a staple in my meal plans.

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