Saturday, April 10, 2010

Post-Yoga Snack

After a nice long cool shower, I refueled after my Moksha Yoga class at my absolute favorite studio in Calgary, with this. A nice little snacking plate. I love finger food- I think it's a throwback to the sports parties my awesome Dad used to throw when we were kids. We'd get little plates and get to fill them up with all sorts of nibblies. This reminds me of those days.
Fuel for my body included 1 large (and I mean HUGE) ambrosia apple (BC! Go British Columbia fruit!), about 10 unsalted almonds, 1 sunflower butter corn cake sandwich (about 1/2 Tbsp sun butter) and 1 corn cake smeared with 1/2 tsp of coconut butter (a fave pick from Blush Lane Organics I'll review later this week). Alongside you can see my huge mason jar with water to rehydrate. Fresh food, combining protein, fat and carbs.
For more ideas on nourishing yourself post-yoga, in an intentional way (to carry on the yoga-bliss) then check out this post by Yoga Bear.
Lovin' this day. How is yours going?

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