Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fresh Workout: 25 min AM Plyo's

Felt like movin' this morning and was inspired to create my own little plyo based workout. So I busted out of bed this morning and just started kickin' my own butt doing the following. Try this out, or just start movin' your body to how it feels good.
Fresh Workout included- (image from
Arm circles
Backwards lunges
Shoulder Circles
Pilates leg arrows
Standing side crunches
Knee ups
Boxer shuffle
Ballet arms
Side Kicks
Upper cuts
Skate side jumps
Up and Downs
Tri push ups
Back extensions
Shoulder presses
Mix it all up, do each for at least 30 seconds, repeat on other side if needed. Random, mix it up. Borrow from your fave DVD.

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