Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leaning Program- Nutrition Week 1/2

As you will see, this weekly plan is NO DIFFERENT from my other weekly plans. The difference is that I am not indulging in my weekly treats that I discuss, like a bowl of ice cream or glass of wine here or there. For 14 days, it's not a problem; the beauty in maintaining a daily healthy meal plan (yes every day!), is that for special occasions, like my upcoming trip, leaning out takes little time, and only the strength of my mind to commit to my meal plans and no more (no less either!- don't stop eating!).roasted rutabagas and beets, a side to my salad for supper
Meal 1: 6 egg whites, sauteed spinach and mushrooms
Meal 2: bowl of oatmeal or creamy rice, with 2Tbsp ground flax seeds
Meal 3: 1/2c black beans and rice combination, with various roasted vegetables
Meal 4: As many carrots or other raw vegetables I want (normally about 1 1/2c worth)- no dip
Meal 5: Big green salad and more roasted vegetables
Post workout- Vega Whole Food Optimizer (plain flavor).steamed broccoli and roasted portabello mushroom supper
Take it easy- it could be my mantra. Don't under-eat, don't diet, just think about what you fuel your life with, and why every day.

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