Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekly Nutrition

So it's been a wild few days, but with careful planning I'm totally prepared with a freezer full of pre-made meals, and a fridge full of vegetable crudites. No excuses for sub-par nutrition, even with a 60 hour, 6 day work week as well as graduate classes (right?).
How do I do it? I just commit to it. It's a decision I make and then I make it happen. The pay off is feeling great and having the mental clarity and physical stamina from my clean nutrition to handle the busy schedule.
1. Egg whites, spinach and mushrooms
2. Oatmeal or creamy rice
3. Beans and rice, roasted vegetables
4. Raw carrot sticks
5. Home-made soup, salad or roasted vegetables, like rutabagas

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