Friday, February 26, 2010

Week 2/2 Leaning Program: Workouts

Can one over-commit to a goal? I think I did; and am paying for it. My over-drive is back again, something I should have learned to ease up on.
Last week, I tackled a more vigorous workout program, upping my cardio and strength/flexibility training by 1/3 each day (adding about 15 min extra each per day) and adding more hot yoga classes. Week one was a total success- I leaned out and felt great. Then I got to week 2 and had to drop down, doing less yoga, but keeping up with my cardio. I had to, my calories were way too low to continue. I became irritable, and stressed- and no healthy lifestyle program should make me as bit$^y as I was. Also, my eczema broke out, and my period was delayed by about 8 days- two symptoms that I had put my body into a starving-stressful state. And one cannot lean out in that state. So I pulled back the reins:
Sunday: Off (no training- rest is when my body gains the benefits from the training I did over the week)
Monday: 30 min Heart Opening Flow, 45 min treadmill (3 min jog, 1 min walk intervals)
Tuesday: 30 min HotPower Fusion, 50 min spin class
Wednesday: 50 min Yoga Sculpt class
Thursday: 30 min Morning Flow, 45 min treadmill (uphill walk)
As you can see, I'm leaving today and tomorrow blank until I know what my body can do. I'm achy and think I might need to rest to clear up my eczema before I jet away tommorow night for my vacation!
I might even re-commit to a plan I cooked up for my new year's resolution and take a nap instead of working out. That's a goal I can easily over-commit to.

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