Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 2: Leaning Out Nutrition

My nutrition has been tight this week; I am confident I will get onto the plane as clean and healthy as possible. When I'm healthy on the way to a vacation, I'm more motivated to stay that way when I'm down there.
I am hungry, like I was last week, but less so. And have developed better mental tricks to satisfy my urges- like drinking more water (never a bad thing). I even tried on an old pair of skinny jeans I haven't been able to get into for 2 years, and got them on comfortably. So I'm ready.
This week, a few minor changes to my regular nutrition plan. The changes are bolded. A slight tapering of sugar this week.
1. 6 egg whites, spinach, mushrooms
2. creamy rice or oatmeal (no raisins)
3. 2/3c rice and beans, roasted vegetables
4. Carrots (as many as I want)
5. Salads, roasted vegetables
Post work-out: 1/2 serving Vega
No diet sodas because they cause retention of fluid, and bloating. I didn't tighten my waist only to bloat it up with gas and extra fluid.
I think I'll have pancakes before I board the plane on Saturday- just beacuse I know I won't get any gluten free pancakes when I'm down there. A nice treat before I go to the resort and survive on mostly fresh fruit, veggies and nuts. I'm very wary of most resort food and buffets because of my gluten intolerance. I won't be like my friends, loading up on fresh pastries and local cuisine because of it (and that can be a hard thing, to be left out of an experience).

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