Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Thrive Diet: Review

If you're looking to spice up your diet, whether you're vegan, an athlete, a vegan athlete or none of the above, get a copy of this book. The author, Brendan Brazier, is a super-athlete who thrives off a vegan diet and has learned through years of experimentation how to use vegetables, seeds and nuts in ways you never dreamed of. All of his recipes are included, and I can guarantee you will love the fuel bites recipe and the innovative (entirely gluten free) "pizza" recipes.

I had to take this book as an exploration of another way of approaching nutrition rather than a prescription for how to plan my meals. It's very strict, but certainly not limited. If you are already in the habit of eating mostly raw, vegan foods this will be easier for you to jump into. I am not, I eat gluten, and dairy-free and eat meat less than once a week and followed the plan pretty easily, with some planning, for one week. But had major stomach issues during the week. It takes time for the body to adjust, just as Brendan mentions in this well-written book.

Pick this up, just to expose yourself to another possibility of nutrition. Whether it is right for you, you must decide based on the question- Are you going to safely and gently incorporate the changes he suggests?

Brendan is quite charismatic and has online support multimedia at http://thrivein30.com/sign-up-now/ which can take you through much of the content of the book using videos hosted by the author himself. For further support, try the community devoted to this diet at www.vegacommunity.com.

He has created a nutrition line, Vega, to supplement the diet he talks about in this book. I have been using his Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer as my post work-out shake for quite a while. It's a great, gluten free, dairy free option for you athletes out there looking to get a combo of protein, carbs and nutrients out of your shakes. Other than that, I have no affiliation with Vega, or Brendan Brazier.

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