Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekly Training

Sunday: 75 min Baptiste Vinyasa Flow at Hot Yoga studio
Monday: 50 min cardio (40 min steady state, 10 min intervals treadmill)
Tuesday: 50 min spin class
Wednesday: 30 min cardio, 50 min yoga sculpt
Thursday: 45 min cardio
Friday: 10 min cardio intervals, 30 min yoga
Saturday: 30 min cardio
I'm beat. My workouts tapered off near the end of the week, as you can tell less cardio and missing Saturday yoga. I had to. And I even took yesterday off training entirely (yes 1 whole day with no physical activity, not even yoga). After almost getting into a car accident, putting an almond in my ear instead of my earphones and forgetting my voicemail password I decided to break. When I start making stupid mistakes, and realize that mentally I am not altogether there, it's time for a physical peace agreement. I'm not sure how to approach this coming week, but with only a few weeks left till a tropical getaway, I'm really motivated to continue stepping up my workouts. But I'm no good if I'm mentally cloudy.
Oh what to do? Take it easy this week? Or keep pushing through?

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