Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 2- Meal Plan

Simplicity- the surest way to success and no stress.

Week 2 of 2010 this was my meal plan:
1. 6 egg whites, with spinach and mushrooms
2. 1/3c creamy rice cereal (measured dry), 2T ground flax
3. 2/3c red beans and quinoa mix, unlimited vegetables (either mixed veg or spagetti squash this week)
4. 1-2c raw vegetables (mostly carrot sticks), 1T sunflower seeds, 1T pumpkin seeds, ~10 almonds
5. Big green organic lovely salad and spaghetti squash
Post work-out: 1/2 serving Vega Whole Food shake

I was craving a banana muffin, but gluten intolerance and health goals really don't make me comfortable indulging. So Wednesday I added half a banana to my creamy rice- got the flavour and the warm feeling without the consequences of feeding a food allergy and straying from my simple meal plan.

An improvement over last week was staying off the wine in the eve's. I don't normally have any, but last week I had a glass two times. I will have some this Friday though! For our 3rd year wedding anniversary (Tuesday) Husband and I are celebrating with a night on the town (including dinner) on Friday. I'll eat whatever strikes me, and only as much as I want. I don't envision ordering a prime rib dinner and polishing it off myself. That won't make me feel good.

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