Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leaning Program- Workouts Week 1/2

Similar to my nutrition program, you can see very little change to my workout routine over the next two weeks of my leaning program. Again, one of many benefits of maintaining a regular exercise schedule is that to lean out for any occasion, it takes very little, or even no change to a healthy foundation. I've only added an additional 75min heated yoga class, and 15 min extra yoga or cardio a day to my schedule over the next 14 days. It is my regular workout schedule, enhanced. You can see in my (familiar) workout plan below (bolded items show changes from regular plan):
Sunday: 45 min cardio and 30 min yoga
Monday: 75 min Baptiste Vinyasa Flow (heated yoga flow)
Tuesday: 45 min Jivamukti yoga, 50 min spin class
Wednesday: 75 min Baptiste Vinyasa Flow (heated yoga flow)
Thursday: 30 min yoga, 45 min cardio (a kick combination of 30 treadmill, and 15 elliptical)
Friday: 30 min yoga, 45 min cardio (combo of 15 treadmill, 30 bike)
Saturday: 75 min Moksha (heated yoga class)
I've seen tremendous changes this week, not only in my size, but in my mental clarity. I don't crave sugar, and my normal end-of-the-week anxiety about my 'treat' for the week is gone. The more simple I make my life, the less decisions I have to make, and therefore, less anxiety over them.

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