Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Roasted Rutabagas

image from Senior Study Vegetables (Purdue)
In season in the winter, a nice warm winter vegetable to comfort you on cold -22C days like today is. Rutabagas are so mildly flavoured on their own, with a slight tang, so you can spice them any way you like them. A nice toss with olive oil and then try a basil and oregano spice combination before roasting, or as I did below, something a little sweeter.

Roasted Rutabaga
2 medium sized rutabagas
olive oil

Wash the rutabagas, no need to peel. Chop into small square chunks (think hashbrown size) and toss in olive oil. Season with spices as you like, pour onto cookie sheet or into roasting pan and bake in your oven at 400F for 30 min, stirring occasionally. Broil if you like for the last few minutes for a nice brown toasty surface. Serve warm.

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