Thursday, March 11, 2010

Post-Vacay Plan

So, the big event is over- the bikini's are packed away until July (bikini season is late in Canada!), and the mojito's are no longer 'all inlusive'. What now? We've all been there- leaned out for an event or trip, perhaps a school reunion or wedding. From experience, I would suggest that most return from these events and think they have to 'diet' to 'make up' for the drinks and food, and perhaps lax workout schedule they indulged in. And what, perchance, do I have to say about that? I say- NO-RMAL!
Yes, that's right. Just go back to your regular eating and workout plan before you started your leaning out program. If you're like me, you worked your butt off (seriously) to look good for the event, basked in the success of it, drank mojito's like they were running out of rum and need a little rest from my relaxing vacation. Get back into your normal, rational and easy swing of things. Don't punish yourself, don't diet to cancel out any of the calories (I don't call them calories, I call them FUN!) you had at the event.
You will naturally and effortlessly return to your balanced state of mind and body. For me, that's 30 min yoga a day, and 30 min cardio a day with a healthy balanced meal plan (which you will see more of later this week).
So put away those thoughts of punishment and atonement for your good time. Get back to being yourself, in your healthiest and most easily accomplished way possible. Less fight, more success.

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