Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 4 2010 Workouts

Oh Activity!
Sunday: 75min Baptiste Vinyasa Flow at Hot Yoga studio
Monday: 45 min cardio (treadmill walk and intervals), 30 min Hatha Yoga (for my ailing shoulders and back)
Tuesday: 45 min cardio (treadmill incline walk), 30 min Morning Yoga Flow
Wednesday: 45 min cardio, 45 min yoga sculpt class
Thursday: Off
Friday: 60 Yoga for Strength from
Saturday: 45 min cardio, 30 min yoga
I was sorry to miss my spin class this week, but if I could pick one time in the grande scheme of this year (forseen) this would be the busiest, so something had to give. I made good choices and reduced my stress by working out when I could. I got a lot of deep sleep, and got my sorry butt out of bed early (5am!) to get my workouts in before work. No time to breathe as managed a three day conference from 7am-7pm Thurs/Fri/Sat. I only survived the stress by maintaining a vital lifestyle.

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