Monday, January 4, 2010

Intentions for 2010

I have gotten so many inquiries about advice for motivation, for ambition, for workout programs and healthy eating tips in the last two weeks and I thought I would lay them down here. I'm re-commiting to each of the following which I have dispensed to close friends trusting in me for guidance, but also as a participant in them myself. A good whop in the arse is exactly what I need from myself:
So, to stick to our intentions for 2010:
1. Be your BIGGEST fan- be kind to yourself. Setbacks will happen, you will cry and you will support yourself like your own best friend
2. Be consistent, be consistent, be consistent- when making a change, you are building a mountain using grains of sand.
That's it. Two simple suggestions to guide our thoughts, and then our actions towards success.
Biggest Fan icon from the Dictionary of Automotive Terms
A colleague of mine committed to a healthier lifestyle in a BIG way this year and is using a blog to maintain motivation and I hope like me, it builds a community of support for her. In addition to her, I have watched so many beautiful women commit to something new in the last few months, both a cousin and friend of mine reached a 20lb weight loss goal in December (way to go girls! You inspire me!). So regardless of the day you choose to change, I raise my water bottle to you in sisterhood in healthy choices.

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