Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week 3 2010 Workouts

Monday: 30 min treadmill (incline 5.0, speed 3.8), 30 min heart opening flow
Tuesday: 50 min spin class (first time!), 30 min hip opening flow
Wednesday: 50 min yoga sculpt class (first time!)
Thursday: 60 min treadmill (incline 1.0, speed 4.0), 30 min yoga
Friday: 30 min treadmill walk
Saturday: 45 min treadmill, including intervals
Sunday: 75 min Baptiste Vinyasa flow (Hot!)

Today's BV hot yoga flow was as incredible as last week's. It tested my mental ability to return to a focused frame of mind in the wake of disturbances- but not because of the physical requirements of the class. An over-eager eagle pose resulted in a smashed light in the studio; disturbing the class and embarassing me to no end. But interestingly enough, I saw it all happening as an observer. Hm, that glass is broken, I think it will fall. It's's crashing...I'll clean that up. No big issue, no big worries. The class went on, and I did too after it was cleared away.

Any other proof needed that regular yoga practice creates mental strength? Not for me.

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