Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 1 2010 Activity

This week I continue my routine combining cardio with yoga and I am feeeeeling gooood (insert sexy Michael Buble audio clip here). On Monday and Tuesday I opted for the elliptical because I feel a pinch in my lower back lately and thought the treadmill was too high impact for it. I am being gentle and giving it time to heal and sticking to a rigorous cardio schedule. There is room for both- be flexible.
Most of the yoga sessions are from

: 30 min sun salutations yoga- focusing on back bends to work out some kinks & 30 min elliptical (jogging speed)

Tuesday: 30 min Baptiste Power Yoga Flow #3 & 30 min elliptical (jogging speed) David Farmar conveys the demanding nature of a Baptise flow with an encouraging and inclusive (and often humorous) voice. I enjoy many of his classes

Wednesday: 30 min Yoga Sculpt #1 (Dawnelle is a great facilitator- her cues are specific and well timed. The flow is vigorous and challenging.)

Thursday: 30 min Hip Opening Flow #4 (not a challenging flow, but inspired if your hips are tight- mine were from the elliptical) & 30 min treadmill walk (no incline to allow my back some rest)

Friday: 30 min Hot Power Fusion #1 (Looking forward to trying this one for the first time & 30 min treadmill walk (no incline yet)

Saturday: 30 min treadmill walk or Fat Burning Pilates DVD (standing pilates-inspired workout ~40 min)

Sunday: 60-90min of yoga, depending on how I feel. I might try the 60 min Hot Power Fusion #1 class, or perhaps my go-to favorite longer class- 90 min Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga #1

Since October 2009 I have been using yoga as my strength training and have been doing lighter cardio (no intervals, no sprints, no heavy jogging) and have felt a change in my body. I have also been asked if I have gotten taller and leaner. I believe that the activity you choose to do, shapes your physique so it adapts to handle the intensity and intention behind your workouts. I have lost muscle size, but gained tone; I feel more feminine and light as a result. The lighter cardio has maintained my cardiovascular health (in combination with vinyasa flow sessions). Sometimes I put on a more intense workout DVD on the weekends and find myself easily hurdling intense intervals and weight work during those session. I am coming to the realization that one does not have to work hard to achieve overall wellness, only work consistently and with the purest intention to create wellness.
Looking forward to checking in next week.

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